Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eva Peron Inspired

Proudly present my new line inspired by one of my personal fashion icons of the 40s!
Eva Peron Deluxe!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Barcelona part 1

1st day

First stop our hotel Residencia Salesiana Marti-Codolar!

Lovely garden...but i can not say the same for the rooms!

                                                                      2nd day

Second stop L'Aquàrium de Barcelona.
Relaxing time before we start wandering again...

Ciutadella Park

Maybe the best time we had in Barcelona!The weather was on our side and we enjoyed every minute of our visit in this amazing park!The air was filled with magnolia essance from the trees!

                                        Ok...Gaudi was a genious!!!

Sagrada Familia be continued....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Treasure Hunt #1

These what i found in last Sunday's Treasure Hunt  in Athens flea market!!!!

Easy and cheap way to turn a plain box into a retro 50s purse!!!!

First you find a box with nice shape that you think is appropriate and comfortable to carry around.
I found this in a bookstore,it's lightweight wood and has a nice pie-de-poule pattern & cool retro look.
I was lucky with this one,cause it allready had a nice antique clasp but if yours doesnt come with one you can buy one from your local hardware store or even better you ll find some great ones on Etsy!!!

You also gonna need a handle.Mine was a typical round bamboo one that i saw in middle and then drill two holes (see pic) with a Black and Decker.But you can easily use any handle that fits your bag.
I personaly prefer bamboo o wood for an economical solution but my favourites are made from bakelite and lucite.There is a great variety of vintage and some contemporary hones with retro touch all over the internet!!!

I then cut a copper rod and gave a shape that you see in the photo above.
Make sure you leave enough space for your handle to move around.

Afterwards i measure the top of the box and i opened two opposite holes with the drill.

I run through the copper rod from each hole and cut the excess amount on the inside!It's nesessary to twist the ends with a plier so that the handle stays in place!
And here you go..your vintage inspired bag is ready!!!!

I 've painted the bamboo handle with a  darker gloss paint to fit the colors of the purse and im also planning to put some fabric lining on the interior!

A swell &  easy way to add some glamour to your wordrobe with a small amount of money!
Hope you like it!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bride

Here are some photos on location from the short film "The Bride"!

The "surreal " hat  is made by Swell Dame (that's me!),styling by Elena Yiannitsa !

Thursday, June 9, 2011

3rd Vintage & Crafts Bazaar

Vintage Family Tree Photo Contest !

Oi Les Broderies Anglaises sas proskaloun na parete meros sto “Vintage Family Tree Photo Contest” & na kerdisete dora apo to 3o Vintage & Crafts Bazaar stis 25 & 26 /06 sto Diorofo (Aiolou & Evripidou)!
Oloi exoume palies fotografies agaphmenon mas syggenon apo alles epoxes me yperoxa xtenismata,rouxa ,decor,topothesies ktl..
Fotografies oikogeneiakes,zevgarion,apo diakopes k taxidia,gamilies,anamnistikes,fotografies pou taxidepsan mesa se ena gramma,pou travhxthkan se epaggelmatika atellier,fotografies pou epiasan th stigmh,fotografies pou exoun na poun mia istoria,asteies,sthmenes,aspromavres,enxromes,ftharmenes alla pano apo ola me style k finetsa!
To mono pou exete na kanete einai dilaxete thn kalyterh apo aftes k na mas thn steilete sto mail mas mazi me enan mikro titlo pou na anaferei kapoies leptomereies pou borei na gnorizete gia to/a atomo/a ths fotografias pou exete epilexei,opos onoma/hmerominia/topothesia ka
Mazi me th foto steilte mas k ena onomateponymo k email h thl.
Oles oi fotografies pou tha staloun tha anevoun se eidiko folder sth sel mas sto fb me thn onomasia “Vintage Family Tree Photo Contest” anoixto pros olous gia na boroun na boun k na kanoun like sth foto pou tous aresei ..
Omos prosoxh,ta like tha leifthoun ypopsin alla h telikoi 3 nikhtes tha apofasistoun apo ths L.B.A. k 2 epaggelmaties fotografous!
Oroi diagonismou:
*Tha dextoume mono vintage fotografies apo to proto miso tou proigoumenou aiona k kati!!! apo ta 60s k piso!
*Oso poio stylish einai oi fotografes sas toso to kalytero!
*Parakaloume na exete zitisei thn adeia ton fotografizomenon h ths oikogeneias sas giati h fotografies tha anevoun se koinh thea sto internet k den tha thelame na dhmiourghthei kapoio thema!
*Mono mia fotografia apo kathe atomo!

O diagonismos tha leixei stis 22/06 oses fotografies staloun meta apo afth thn hmerominia den tah ginoun dektes!
Oi nikites tha anakoinothoun sto fb stis 23/06 k tha boroun na erthoun k na paralavoun ta dora tous apo to Vintage & Crafts Bazaar,opoia apo tis 2 meres theloun, apo tis 12:00 mexri tis 22:00 ston pago ton Swell Dame & Bourbon Mademoiselle h an vriskode ektos tha Athinas tha ta paralavoun taxydromika!!!

Les Broderies Anglaises

Santa baby... Been an awful good girl....Boo doo bee doo...

Timmy Woods Bags

I found these amazing handmade beauties while strolling around the streets of  Barri Gotic in Barcelona!
They hit me in head like hammer in head and i instantly fell in love with them!Unfortunately i didn't buy any of them (allthough i could not eat for a month just to save the money!) but luckily i found them on line!!!

But just to ease my pain i found a vintage store near by and i bought the cutest 50s heart shaped bag!!!
Not Bad for a substitute...Not bad at all!!!!!!