Friday, January 27, 2012

It's the time of the season!!!

The new poster for "Past Tense" bazaar by Les Broderies Anglaises!

For all of you near we will be glad to see you stoping by and say hi!

Swell Dame will be there as usual with brand new headpieces,accessories and  fine reproduction clothes to keep the last days of winter "warm" and glamorous!!!

Hope to see ya there!!!

Swell Dame


My First Giveaway Is Coming Soon!

Today i got my 70th follower!!!That is so great!!!
Thank you all for supporting "Swell Dame's Parlour" and letting me know you like my blog!

I only need 30 more followers to reach 100 and have my first giveaway!

I'm gonna give a headpiece like this one.It's one of my bestsellers!
I can make it in many colors so the winner can choose the color of choice! 
Do you like it?
Comment me and tell me what you think!

Help me reach 100 followers and maybe this lovely headpiece will be yours!!!

You can see more of my accessories @ my FB page here:
Some new headpieces comin'up soon so stay tuned...

Swell Dame

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday's Treasures,Monday's Pleasures!!!

Yesterday i made a quick stop to Sunday's Flea Market.I didn't have much money or time but i manage to buy these things with only 30euros.
This piece of furniture cost me only 25euros and it couldn't arrive in a better time.I was in desperate need for something like this, since i was looking for ways to storage all the jewellery i'm making !

I'm guessing it's from the mid 60's and with good make over it's gonna be great and it will fit perfectly in my new showroom which is gonna be ready in a few days!

I'm thinking "dusty pink" velvet  inside the drawers!!!

I love the print in my new 45's case!
...and this egg holders are soooo cute!!!!
Swell Dame

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goodbye Etta!

Goodbye Miss Etta & may you rest in peace...
Thank you for enrich & inspire our lives with your voice & your attitude on life!

Swell Dame

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A song and a fish tale...

Today i would like to blog about a favourite greek song of mine and it's story which i read just a a few days ago and i  wasn't aware of it,allthough i know and loved this song since i was a little girl!
The song is duet by Sophia Loren  & Tony Maroudas in the 1957  film "Boy On A Dolphin" that was shot almost entirely in the Greek islands and established both Loren as a great actress , and the Greek islands as incredibly romantic holiday destination for foreigners.

Sophia Loren posing with co-star Alan Ladd in front of the Erechteum.

The song is called "Ti Ine Afto Pou To Lene Agapi ?" in Greek or translated in English "What Is This Called Love ?" (no relevance to the Cole Porter song) whose music was composed by Takis Morakis.
The beautiful and poetic Greek lyrics have absolutely no relevance to the English lyrics.
A little known fact is that the original lyrics which were in Greek and not English were actually written by a famous (and a personal favourite of mine!) Greek singer named Danai Stratigopoulou or simply known as 'Danai'.

Danai gave the lyrics to her good friend Takis Morakis back then as a gesture of their friendship.
The simple giving of so called intellectual property among artists was done a lot in those days and nothing was considered of it. Morakis then sold the rights to his composition basically for egg shells to some foreign entity who must have foreseen something in his melody.

The "selling off " was not a wise move by Takis Morakis since his composition became known the world over through the song in the film
"Boy On A Dolphin" sung by Sophia Loren (gorgeous!) both in English and also in Greek somewhere in the film.

Danai unfortunately has never been compensated for her contribution.

Takis Morakis composition was adapted by Hugo Friedhofer who in turn used the melody quite extensively throughout his beautiful and ethereal classic film score
"Boy On A Dolphin"

Today the song " Ti Ine Afto Pou To Lene Agapi " is considered a classic of contemporary Greek music and of course all over the world over as "Boy On A Dolphin".

Swell Dame

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Better late than never!

Better late than never as my grandma always says!
I just found some time to upload some pics from the 5 Day Special "Past Tense" Bazaar that took place few days before Christmas.
Me and my friend Viveta ,we are "Les Broderies Anglaises"and we organize this bazaar for allmost a year (give or take!)This last one was by far the best and we had so much fun!
Here are some photos only from the "Swell Dame" corner ,but i promise to upload more really soon from the whole 5 days!!!

Swell Dame

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Those little things you do!

Sometimes i find pleasure in the little things.
I get so excited when i discover an altenative use for a item!
For instance,here is a napkin holder i found on sale, at Zara Home, for 3.99euros .
And here it is again,used as 45's rack!
It can also be used for cards,photographs,envelops and so many others you can think of!!!

And here is another "easy peasy "idea i had...
I used a simple wooden cup rack,bought for 1 euro in the flea market,to hang my bangles.I paint it with velatura and i scrub it a bit, just to give that vintage feeling,glued a doilly on the base and ...voila!!!Preety and awfully practical!
(On the back you can see a regular kitchen paper roll holder used for the same thing!)
As i the little things you do that makes you happy!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with the Luckys!!!

This Christmas Steve Lucky and Miss Carmen Getit were in Athens (for the sixth time!) for a week during the Christmas holidays,performing at Half Note Jazz Club with their band the "Rumba Bums"!
I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful miss Carmen Getit and chat for while when she visit us at "Past Tense" Vintage Bazaar!She came with her daugther,the cutest little girl named Monique and bought a whole bunch of  fascinators and headpieces from my corner!
The second day of Christmas,my friends and i had reserved a table to see their show at Half Note.We had an excellent time and i enjoyed every minute of the evening!And guess what?Carmen was wearing one of my fascinators!!!How great is that????

And  i finally wore this awsome 1940's gown that i had bought last Christmas
and it was sitting in my closet for a year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

For auld lang syne, my dear..

 Have a crazy beautiful new year everybody!xo

Swell Dame