Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy and cheap way to turn a plain box into a retro 50s purse!!!!

First you find a box with nice shape that you think is appropriate and comfortable to carry around.
I found this in a bookstore,it's lightweight wood and has a nice pie-de-poule pattern & cool retro look.
I was lucky with this one,cause it allready had a nice antique clasp but if yours doesnt come with one you can buy one from your local hardware store or even better you ll find some great ones on Etsy!!!

You also gonna need a handle.Mine was a typical round bamboo one that i saw in middle and then drill two holes (see pic) with a Black and Decker.But you can easily use any handle that fits your bag.
I personaly prefer bamboo o wood for an economical solution but my favourites are made from bakelite and lucite.There is a great variety of vintage and some contemporary hones with retro touch all over the internet!!!

I then cut a copper rod and gave a shape that you see in the photo above.
Make sure you leave enough space for your handle to move around.

Afterwards i measure the top of the box and i opened two opposite holes with the drill.

I run through the copper rod from each hole and cut the excess amount on the inside!It's nesessary to twist the ends with a plier so that the handle stays in place!
And here you go..your vintage inspired bag is ready!!!!

I 've painted the bamboo handle with a  darker gloss paint to fit the colors of the purse and im also planning to put some fabric lining on the interior!

A swell &  easy way to add some glamour to your wordrobe with a small amount of money!
Hope you like it!!!!

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  1. Joanna's Vintage HeavenNovember 4, 2011 at 12:51 PM

    Lovely idea - although I'm not talented with crafts, I'll try to see what I can do! <3