Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bomb girls

I just caught my one on this new mini series about World War II women at work in a munitions factory.
"Set in the 1940s, Bomb Girls tells the remarkable stories of the women who risked their lives in a munitions factory building bombs for the Allied forces fighting on the European front. The series delves into the lives of these exceptional women from all walks of life - peers, friends and rivals - who find themselves thrust into new worlds and changed profoundly as they are liberated from their home and social restrictions. "(Imdb)
Bomb Girls premieres on Global Television in Canada January 4th.

Something to look forward  to the new year !

Swell Dame


  1. I have already seen the teaser of this serie but I don't know if we will be able to see it in Europe... there are so much series never diffused here!
    But as it's a Canadian serie, there must exist a french version of it... so why not buy DVD next year!!!!
    Nice pictures!

  2. Im sure it will be available for d/l.For us europians, sometimes downloading is the only way to watch stuff like that!!!;-)

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  4. Great blog!!!
    look at these photos of the 40s