Monday, December 26, 2011

It's A Colourful Life!!!

When it comes to Christmas memories of me as a child, my strongest one is when during the schooll break i was staying up late to watch all this wonderful old films on tv.
I watched all the classics from a very young age but "It's a wonderful life" was and always will be my favourite.
I had it on dvd and it's my personal tradition to watch it every year.But this year i lost the dvd and to my big surpise i accidentaly (without knowing that there is one) i  downloaded the colourized version which made it a whole new experience for me!

Dont get me wrong i adore b/w moovies and I'm aware that a few people dislike the colourisation of classic b/w movies, certain films should never be colourised as they work better in b/w (e.g. psycho). However I've always felt that this particular one, being a festive film and all,would benefit from a colour print as long as it was done properly and not have people with yellow skin, etc. 

This is by far the best example of colourisation I have ever seen!!!

Swell Dame

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  1. I really "It's a wonderful life"! It's not really popular here in France, it's not a classic like in the USA, I don't think I have ever seen it on TV but what a poetic movie!!!!