Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday's Treasures,Monday's Pleasures!!!

Yesterday i made a quick stop to Sunday's Flea Market.I didn't have much money or time but i manage to buy these things with only 30euros.
This piece of furniture cost me only 25euros and it couldn't arrive in a better time.I was in desperate need for something like this, since i was looking for ways to storage all the jewellery i'm making !

I'm guessing it's from the mid 60's and with good make over it's gonna be great and it will fit perfectly in my new showroom which is gonna be ready in a few days!

I'm thinking "dusty pink" velvet  inside the drawers!!!

I love the print in my new 45's case!
...and this egg holders are soooo cute!!!!
Swell Dame


  1. good buy, the cabinet is very special, and then that price!!

  2. Wow, what a nice piece of furniture! :D

  3. How neat, great finds!

  4. thats amazing! all those drawers to fill! really neat :)