Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hooray For Giveaway!

At last i found some time (precious thing these days!) to organize my first giveaway as promised!I reached 100 followers,106 to be exact and im very excited!
Thank you so much for supporting my blog.I must admit i met some very interesting gals since i started this and i feel very lucky that i share my love for the vintage with you all!

But lets get back to the giveaway....

One of you will be chosen at random to win one lovely handmade headpiece made from felt,like the ones in the pics!The lucky winner will choose between 13 available colors (red,burgundy,black,powder blue,mint,chocolat,dark brown,off white,forest green, green,candy pink,midnight blue & navy blue)!

To enter the giveaway you can do any or all of the following, just leave a comment for each entry to get your name in the hat!
1.Become a follower of this blog!

2. Be my friend at  Facebook & leave a comment here telling me what your absolute favorite "Swell Dame" accessorie from my photo albums.

3. "Like" my Etsy  shop or follow me on Twitter .

4. Mention the giveaway on your blog,or share on  facebook or Twitter.

I'll announce the winner on Tuesday the 6th .
Good luck everybody!

Swell Dame


  1. Yayyy!!! First entry, I´m a reader!

  2. second entry....I´ve send you a request, I cannot post on your wall yet, but as soon as I can I will!

  3. third entry, I´ve liked your etsy shop!

  4. Congrats for reaching 100 followers!!! You know that I'm your follower...

  5. And here is my final entry :

    i hope there are not so many comments to come.... I WANNA WIN PLEASE!!!! :-)

  6. Second entry... I'm already friend on facebook! What I love the most in your accessories are your fruits combs!!! I will probably ask you for a custom made one this year!!!

  7. Third Entry... I added your Etsy shop as my favorites!!!

  8. I follow your blog

    Is it horrible that I make my own hair clips, but love yours so much that I need to have one? Your choice of materials is lovely!

    Steph @ Tart Deco

  9. GFC: Natiiii :)
    thank you for this awesome giveaway!


  10. oh and my favourite item is

  11. favourited you on etsy (nellbabe) and following you on twitter (heysowhathey)

  12. tweeted:)!/heysowhathey/status/172689968098050048

  13. And fourth!!! I share it on FB...

  14. First entry: Following your blog

  15. Second entry: Commented on your facebook wall about my favourite item

  16. Third entry: Following you on twitter

  17. And finally, my fourth entry: Retweeted you and your giveaway on twitter!

    Thank you! :)

  18. Dear Swell
    good luck with your blog and your giveaway!
    Great to see you have so many followers!!!!

    I love your work because in every piece you give something from you!
    my favorite is this
    (the left one!) I bought it and I'm very happy for this !
    In case you didn't guess my identity η Ελένη είμαι από GlazedSisters klp

  19. Like your Etsy shop!!

  20. 1. i follow your block

  21. 2. i'm already your friend at Facebook
    and this is one of my favorites

  22. 3. i like your etsy shop and i follow you on twitter ;) eviebi

  23. 4.a! i shared on facebook

    and twitter!/booevi