Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fancy Yarns

 Recently my boyfriend bought me a delightful book called Vintage Fashion Knitwear by Marnie Fogg.This book is a visual journey of fashion knitwear charting over 100 years of knitwear history.
Fascinating archive images & stunning fashion photography from the 1900 to present day! For each era, there's an overview of the most noteworthy designers, and coverage of important themes such as knit structure, fiber, silhouette, garment construction, pattern, and color.
Excellent piece for your vintage coffee-table book collection!
                       Here's a small glimpse through the eye of my camera:

I'm now determined to start expanding my vintage knitwear shop horizons!Here is my two latest cutties freshly bought few days ago from  Bloody Edith and 2 more i purchased just today from Etsy!
Bloody Edith

Bloody Edith

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  1. beautifull post! and I totally love the book!!

    marietta ♥