Friday, January 27, 2012

My First Giveaway Is Coming Soon!

Today i got my 70th follower!!!That is so great!!!
Thank you all for supporting "Swell Dame's Parlour" and letting me know you like my blog!

I only need 30 more followers to reach 100 and have my first giveaway!

I'm gonna give a headpiece like this one.It's one of my bestsellers!
I can make it in many colors so the winner can choose the color of choice! 
Do you like it?
Comment me and tell me what you think!

Help me reach 100 followers and maybe this lovely headpiece will be yours!!!

You can see more of my accessories @ my FB page here:
Some new headpieces comin'up soon so stay tuned...

Swell Dame


  1. Ohhh!!! I will be here for this giveaway for sure!
    I'm thinking to also make a giveaway and I think it will be vintage burda magazines from the 50's with a lot of patterns inside! 3 more followers for me...

  2. Oh yes i like it. Love these cute flowers. It's adorable.

  3. Something is telling me that it wont be long!!!
    Your blog is amazing, i wish you reach 1000 followers this year ;-)

  4. the pink hat is perfect just as it is

  5. Love it! Absolutly classic and beautiful!

  6. Wow, sounds like a great giveaway
    You will reach 100 soon

  7. Very pretty, I simply adore felt, it's so durable and can be made into almost everything. Love the flowers...

  8. So pretty, I tried making my own felt daisy hat with moderate success. I love all your things, in love with the atomic print fabric you use.

  9. These headpieces are AMAZING. Following on blog, Facebook AND etsy. If I don't win, I am buying one.


  10. Amazing headpieces! And you've got the 77th follower now as well ;)

  11. I can definitely use some more hair goodies while I try to grow out my hair. You have a new follower. Good luck trying on your quest to get to 100! And in the meantime, you can enter my birthday giveaway!


  12. These are wonderful! You've definitely got another follower here :-)