Friday, November 25, 2011

Luxury in box-Dita #2

After the last year's spectacular "Cointreau Coffret" that was designed by Dita's own hands...

...this year Cointreau comes  back with "My Cointreau Travel Essentials Coffret", a luxury travel cocktail bar for people on the move!!!

All the accessories you need to make great classic cocktails fit neatly into the chic and elegant hatbox that you can use as a jewlery case after the alcohol is finished!

See the "making of" video  

The My Cointreau Travel Essentials Coffret is available online at Jades24. So far, this German stockist is the only one from the original list making the Coffret available online.

Price: €539,00 + shipping. Jades24 ship within Europe only.

Well even if Santa can affort to make gifts like that, i don't know if he will bring it to me or keep it for himself and misses Claus!!!!

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  1. This is gorgeous and amazing and insanely expensive. Thanks for sharing, though. I love the fantasy of this!