Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to make festive "Cheesecake" ornaments?

It's a fun way to add something special to your Christmas decoration & trust me when i say it's the easiest thing!

Ok, first you need a beautiful vintage style Christmas ball.Mine came in set of 4 and they are in a lovely pearly creme color.
The second thing you'll need is some Decals with pin up gals.
I happened to have some vintage ones,labeled Plasticdecal but if you google "decal" you can find them all over the internet!You can puchase very similar ,if not the same like mine at Ebay!

Then you follow instructions:
1.Wash mounting surface.
2.Dip decal in warm water for 15'.
3.Slide decal from backing paper onto surface.
4.Smooth out edge of cardboard or squeegee to remove excess water and air.

Finally you choose a thin  fancy ribbon and create a hanger.I made it simple but you can "play with bows, fearthers,sequins etc and create works of art!!!

...and here you go...a piece of cake...or maybe a "cheesecake"? lol

Swell Dame

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  1. What a great idea!!!!! I have those kind of pin-up decals on my vintage cars glasses.
    I will share your post for sure....