Sunday, November 20, 2011

Interview with Tatiana from "La Boom".

I 've met Tatiana through myspace.She was one of my first costumers and i had the pleasure to make her a custom made headpiece for her wedding!
She is not only a very sweet person but she is also one of most talented gals i have met in Athens,with extremely good taste and great consistency in her work.I looooove the stuff she makes and i collect them myself .
So today that i'm having the pleasure to post her interview in my blog, im twice happy cause i just saw at fb that it is her birthday!It's a chance to wish her Happy Birthday,with a life full of happines,love and sprinkles of inspiration!!! 
The Girl With The Ribbon

Wonderland Deer

1.How did La Boom start and what are your plans for the future?
When I decided to quit my day job, leave the big city and move to Antiparos, a small cycladic island, I felt it was time to do something on my own apart from being a freelance designer. I was crafting since I remember myself, and had already gained some experience by crafting my own wedding invitations, favors and decoration. After that I was spending the afternoons at my home creating a lot, but not focusing on something specific. I always loved the idea of the 3D display and shadow boxes, so last year I started to transform a few ideas into reality. At the same time, I started reading about creating my small business, a lot. Tips, hints about entering the online handmade world and so on. So when I felt ready, I started "La Boom" etsy shop, Facebook page and my blogs. My dream is to open my own mortar and brick store here in Antiparos in combination with graphic design and events planning. But as long as the economics here in Greece remain awful, I will continue focus on developing my online shop, co-operate with galleries (something I already did this past summer and went well) and continue to participate in craft fairs.  
La Boom at Past Tense Bazaar
2.Tell us a little about your blog" Crafting The Day".
On January 2011, I was reading an article at etsy storque of Noah Scalin and his 365 project ( I found it a challenge for me, to create something everyday and blog about it. It was also an opportunity of filling my etsy shop and offer new stuff to my readers and potential customers everyday. Now, after several months, even though I didn't blog everyday, I keep on adding things on it! You see, summer here in Cyclades is really really busy, especially for me, where I had a pretty good month on etsy considering sales, an exhibition here in the island plus a part time job at my friend's ice cream shop. I was making a lot of stuff, custom orders etc. but unfortunately no time for taking pictures, editing and uploading. But I still believe this has gone well and will keep going until January 2012 :) 

3.Name a blog you're most fond of.
I follow a lot of blogs but there are a few that I daily read and enjoy all their posts. Design Sponge ( is one of them along with Decor8 ( Also Creature Comforts (, Bloesem ( and Poppytalk (

4.From were do you get your inspirations?
Mostly nature. Especially here, nature is all around, the sea, fields, mountains, farm animals, wild plants and flowers. I take a small walk and keep my mind full of beautiful images. I also love victorian era a lot, especially the oddities part, circus freaks, naive vintage childhood and forest creatures. I love it when I mix different eras, decades and styles. The result is truly unique and puts a smile on my face.  

5.What is currently your favorite item in your collection?
This large shadow box I first made this summer. I have a thing with deers :) 
6.Why do you believe that supporting handmade is important?
There are several reasons. You buy something you don't have the skill to make it and it carries a lot of love with it and the artist care for the creation. It is unique and you will find it nowhere else, plus you support the artist directly. A lot of people have the most awesome talents and in this way you help them create their small business. In that way a lot of artists are discovered. Plus, most of handmade items are environment friendly than larger store ones. Just to name a few. 

7.What is your favourite material & why?
I love paper. The way it smells, its texture and the way it feels on my fingertips. I began to love it since I was studying graphic design. After that it became a part of my life, as I was running through the samplers to choose one for a project, really often. I love the idea that along with a pencil you can create so much on a piece of paper. An important contribution to communication as well. I am so sad that it is slowly replaced by digital world.

8.If you could have lived in another era what era would it be??
I love the 20s for their atmosphere, magicians, odd circuses and carnivals. The 40s for their fashion and female idols. The 60s mostly for toys, games and kids stuff. All the above inspire me everyday :) 

9.Name 3 things that are essential to your work?
Music. It is really important to my work. It helps me focus and creates an atmosphere that often inspires me a lot. My tools. I could do nothing without them (including my iMac and all those wonderful images I discover on the net that inspire me). Paper, especially vintage one. For obvious reasons :) 

At the craftroom!
10.As we are coming to the end of 2011,if you had one wish for the new year what it would be?
Health. I believe it is the most important thing nowadays as without it you can do nothing.

In person!
Thank you Irene! You are the best hostess :)
I love your blog and your aesthetics and I wish you the best!


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